"Change your mindset, change your life"



Are you struggling to cope with day-to-day life because you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed? A high percentage of my clients ask for help with these problems as they are more common than you think.

Using solution focused techniques, I can help you overcome anxiety, stress or depression by targeting the underlying causes and providing effective coping mechanisms. The blend of positive psychotherapy, combined with relaxing, therapeutic hypnosis, will guide you towards a calmer state of mind and help you regain control of your life.


When I first went to see Emma at the start of the year I was incredibly stressed, full of anxiety and very tired due to poor sleep. A friend recommended Emma to me and I could not be more thankful. Having spent many years seeing different therapists, not one has ever taught me how the brain works but I know now. Emma is so knowledgeable re the workings of the brain and explains in a clear and practical manner. It makes so much sense and I only wish I had known all this earlier in my life. My ability to get back to some sort of normal life this year would not have been possible without Emma's help and the trance. I am forever grateful.
I started seeing Emma following a diagnosis for breast cancer. I was terrified of having an MRI scan and anxious about the treatment to come. During our very enjoyable sessions Emma helped me to become much more positive and to realise worries often don’t happen. The trance at the end was blissfully relaxing and affirming. I continued to see Emma throughout my treatment and I’m convinced my positive outlook aided my speedy recovery. I feel so lucky. Thank you Emma.
I started hypnotherapy to get me through one of the hardest times of my life. Not only did Emma help me through this, she also helped me to sleep again which was a huge deal. In short, my life has been changed for the better and although times can occasionally feel tough (and that’s fine) things are so much brighter. I couldn’t thank Emma enough for all she has done and, although sceptical at first, Hypnotherapy WORKS!! I would recommend it in a heartbeat.
I cannot say enough good things about working with Emma! My best friend's sister lives in London and highly recommended I work with Emma. I had been dealing with a family situation that was putting me into a state of hopelessness that I just couldn't get myself free from. I live in the US and began working with Emma through Zoom. After 8 sessions,I am astonished at how much her methods have helped me! Two months ago I was literally crying all day, everyday. I was so sad. Now I have practical methods (and an understanding of how our brains work) that I use daily to change my outlook on life. I would definitely recommend working with Emma over a therapist to anyone who is needing help. Thank you Emma! If I need a tune up I'll be in touch.
I came to see Emma because I needed help managing my stress levels and my constant negative spiral of thoughts. She gave me some great tools to help me be more positive, which has enabled me to cope so much better with pressures at work and be more aware of all the good things happening around me. I am now much more relaxed and generally calmer about life, making time for self-care and enjoying the moment.
Your work is incredible. You have been so amazing to get me through this worry and crippling anxiety. Everything is now going really well, all that work we did on positive thinking has paid off. I am truly grateful.
My sessions of hypnotherapy with the wonderful Emma Reid exceeded all my expectations. I knew from the first session that I would benefit from the course of sessions as Emma explained so much about what to expect and how hypnotherapy works. In the first session Emma explained in such clever ways, with the use of simple diagrams, how the primitive and rational brains work and so differently. Her explanation really helped me see how anxiety overpowers rational thought and how hypnotherapy helps talk to our subconscious brain. How even if one feels we aren’t in a trance like state that our subconscious is listening and we can change patterns of behaviour. Over the course of our sessions Emma totally put me at ease and the sessions had a cumulative effect. Emma keeps the whole experience so positive and I have generally felt much more positive and able to control my anxious thinking. I highly recommend hypnotherapy but also particularly Emma herself. Her manner is so calm, warm and reassuring. Her voice has become a really reassuring influence and I listen to the recording she sent me on a daily basis and if I wake anxious or unable to sleep at night. I cannot recommend Emma more.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Emma during a period of intense and challenging change. Her sessions are extremely informative about the workings of the brain and the power of the subconscious. They are also restorative and very practical in implementing immediate, positive actions. A truly heartfelt thanks to Emma who is hugely empathetic, realistic, never judgemental and always encouraging.
I have been helped greatly by Emma over the past few months in respect of anxiety issues and weaning myself off very powerful and addictive anti-anxiety medication. Emma helped me think, act and behave more positively. Through the hypnosis, she also helped me get into better thinking and sleeping habits, both of which are critical in reducing stress. So, in short with Emma's help, my mental health has much improved and I can therefore recommend her services highly.
Emma was recommended to me after struggling with low self-esteem and depression for many years. After a period of feeling particularly rock bottom, and having tried many different kinds of therapy, I knew I needed to try something different. I could not be more grateful for all that Emma has done to help me. She held such a supportive and safe space when I was feeling at my lowest, and in a very short period of time has massively changed my mindset in a way I never thought would be possible (it’s given me a lot of hope). Everything Emma shared and worked through with me made complete sense, but now I really feel and notice how small habits and techniques can add up to a big change. I will be sure to come back to Emma if I feel that I need the support again, but for now I am so happy to have learnt some tools and habits that are helping me feel good, positive and able to lead a happy life.
I had 7 sessions with Emma and, thanks to her help, I have achieved exactly what I set out to do. I’m sleeping better, exercising more and have overcome my interview anxiety. As a result, I’m so much more confident and am now in a job I love. It has genuinely changed my outlook on life which is amazing.
My weekly sessions with Emma have altered my attitude to life. Despite having various therapies over the years, the techniques she uses have shifted a blockage. I feel happier, lighter and more able to cope with the difficulties life throws at us.