"Change your mindset, change your life"



Are you ready to discover a healthier, smoke-free life? I can help you to break the chains of tobacco and vaping addictions using proven hypnotherapeutic techniques, with a very high success rate. Read the Testimonials below to discover some examples of how easily my clients were able to stop.

I can give you all the skills and strengths you need to stop smoking or vaping in a one-off 90-120 minute session.  I work with each individual to address the psychological and emotional aspects of the smoking habit, as well as the underlying triggers and cravings associated with smoking. In addition to a traditional hypnotherapy session, I also include an extra fast, fun and effective technique. In fact, I’m so confident my stop smoking hypnosis sessions work, I offer a free top up within the first month if they haven’t.

Smoking is a deeply rooted habit which is ingrained at a subconscious level. Habits are very hard to break as they are not made to be broken. When you learn to ride a bike, after several initial tumbles, you never forget. Similarly, once you learn to play the piano or touch type, you never forget where the keys are. I work with clients at a subconscious level as, whilst you are in your trance-like state, you are most open to positive suggestion and change.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic solution, it’s a collaborative process that provides people with the tools and support needed to make lasting changes. In just one session, this innovative approach unlocks the subconscious mind and addresses the root causes of smoking/vaping. I don’t just focus on temporary fixes: I aim to reshape your thought patterns to instil lasting behavioural changes, enabling a smoke-free future.


I booked an appointment with Emma for help to stop smoking. I had smoked for 27 years and had got to the point where I just didn't like the control I felt it had over me but didn’t feel that I had the willpower to give up. I am ecstatic to say that I am now a non-smoker and feel incredibly free from the attachment I once had. I highly recommend Emma. She made me feel at ease instantly. I had complete trust in Emma and the process and the best thing of all is that I feel like I have my life back.
I came to Emma because I had been smoking/vaping since I was 15 years old and was finally ready to quit and improve my overall health. I had previously tried to quit a number of times but was not successful or consistent in my approach. After my stop vaping session I can now happily say I have no desire to smoke or vape again, I'm feeling healthier than ever and I barely have any cravings. I would highly recommended Emma to anyone struggling to quit on their own as this was the only solution for me. Her explanation of how the brain works in relation to habits, followed by the calming relaxing hypnosis, consolidated the whole process for me.
I gave up for a month very easily having been a heavy smoker...then due to my own stupidity had a few cigarettes. I had a top up session with Emma and now I'm a confirmed non-smoker. Thank you, Emma, for a great service. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to stop smoking. You make it pain free.
Having been a slave to nicotine for most of my adult life (and if honest a bit before), I had truly struggled to give up smoking. I wanted to be a non-smoker but did not want to give up... Kidding myself it was better for me, I took up Heets/Iqos, I was addicted for the last couple of years. I had one session with Emma, she was, clear, relaxing and informative during the hypnotherapy. I know for sure this is it and I am now a true non-smoker. I cannot recommend Emma more - it was an amazing, easy experience and process.
Wow, after 49 years smoking Emma got me to a place where I could walk away without the cravings and keep on that path. As a chocoholic I am coming back to tame my sweet tooth very soon.
The experience is surreal! I spent a couple hours over Zoom with Emma and, by the end, I just didn't smoke cigarettes anymore. Emma is absolutely lovely and I assume it's her nurturing vibe that made me so comfortable. I wish I tried this earlier to be honest.