"Change your mindset, change your life"



Hypnotherapy offers significant benefits for individuals dealing with OCD (Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder) and obsessive behaviours by targeting the subconscious mind, where these patterns often originate.

Through guided relaxation and focused attention, hypnotherapy helps you to gain insight into the root causes of your compulsions and anxieties. This therapeutic approach allows you to reprogramme negative thought patterns, reducing the intensity and frequency of obsessive behaviours.

Hypnotherapy promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress. OCD often involves heightened anxiety and hypnotherapy can help calm the mind, making it easier to address and manage intrusive thoughts. Additionally, hypnotherapy can enhance self-awareness, enabling you to recognise triggers and develop healthier responses to them.

Another advantage is the development of coping mechanisms. I will encourage you to visualise yourself successfully resisting compulsive behaviours and embracing more adaptive habits. This mental rehearsal will strengthen your ability to apply these changes in real-life situations.

As you learn to manage your OCD symptoms more effectively, you will gain confidence and increased self-esteem, enabling you to experience a better quality of life. Hypnotherapy offers a holistic and empowering approach to managing OCD and obsessive behaviours, improving long-term mental health and promoting resilience. Please read the Testimonials below to find out how hypnotherapy has helped clients to manage their OCD.


I’ve been suffering with OCD and anxiety for about 20 years. Meeting Emma has been a massive leap forward for me. She has helped me, step by step, to overcome my obsession and reduce my anxiety. Listening to her trance and thinking more positively about everything, I am now able to acknowledge that I’m doing good things every week and feel happier than I ever thought was possible.
I would like to really thank you for all the help, compassion and support you have given my son, whilst struggling with OCD and emetophobia. He has definitely benefitted from your sessions and made significant progress.
Working with Emma has had a tremendous impact on my mental health and my OCD. After trying several therapies over the years, Emma's workshop was the only effective way using straight forward techniques to retrain my thinking patterns. Her sessions leave you relaxed and recharged, with successive positive changes which almost seem to happen without you realising.