"Change your mindset, change your life"



Solution-focused hypnotherapy can be a highly effective approach to breaking unwanted habits and promoting positive behavioural change.

Whether looking to quit alcohol, certain foods, drugs or more body focused repetitive behaviours such as biting your nails, pulling your hair or cheek biting, I can help you make a plan to beat the habit and visualise your success. Through hypnosis, I can then access your subconscious mind where all habits are stored.

Habits are very hard to break as they are not made to be broken. When you learn to ride a bike, after several initial tumbles, you never forget. Similarly, once you learn to play the piano or touch type, you never forget where the keys are. However, whilst in your deeply relaxed hypnotic state, you are more receptive to change, which allows us to reverse ingrained behaviours and replace them with powerful and positive affirmations.

I don’t just focus on temporary fixes: I aim to reshape your thought patterns to instil lasting behavioural changes, enabling you to enjoy a life free from the limitations of your habit.


Emma is simply brilliant. I had 3 sessions with her and I managed to quit a negative habit I’ve been doing since I was 2 years old. She’s professional, smart and makes the process simple and enjoyable to be part of. I can’t recommend Emma highly enough. I’m thrilled with the outcome and 110% happy with the results. Thank you.
I came to see Emma because I was looking for help with two bad habits. I was pulling my hair out and biting my nails. After just four sessions, I no longer have to worry about twiddling my hair in front of people, or doing it at all anymore. I’ve also stopped biting my nails after so many years. I am hugely grateful to Emma and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help controlling or beating a habit.
Emma helped me with a long-standing chocolate craving which was becoming a major issue for me. After just one session, I was completely cured and have not eaten, or wanted to eat, chocolate for several months now. It is amazing. Not only is Emma’s treatment technique brilliant, she also explains why the brain works like it does. Understanding the science in simple terms went a long way for me. Emma is simply brilliant at what she does.
I came to see Emma to break a life-long habit of biting my nails. After just 3 sessions, I haven’t bitten, or thought about biting my nails so all is going very well. I’m not even aware of it as an issue anymore.
Emma’s work is fascinating. She has really helped me understand why we pick up habitual behaviours. She helped me see how our brains function. This in turn has helped me look after myself, to either stop unwanted habits forming, or to control and end deep seated, unwanted habits I held for years. I would highly recommend Emma’s work.
I saw Emma to help me stop eating an unhealthy food as part of my everyday menu at home. As a result of her excellent technique, I have not eaten crisps since. I would highly recommend seeing Emma to help remove any habits which are no longer of value to you.
I came to see Emma for help to stop taking drugs. I’ve had just two sessions so far and it’s already made such a difference to my mindset, understanding how the brain works. I’m sleeping much better, I’m getting on so much better with my family, I’ve been to the gym every day and I haven’t touched drugs since we started. I’m now putting the money aside that I would have spent on drugs so I can live a happier, better life.
My 8 sessions with Emma have helped me so much. She doesn’t focus on the negatives but encourages me only to think of positives. I was very sceptical for the first couple of sessions because it is different from previous hypnotherapy experiences. But Emma’s sessions have worked really well. Bad habits have gone and I feel much more positive about life going forward.
Emma has been transformative. I was looking to cut down my alcohol consumption in light of my imminent retirement. I didn’t want to find myself opening a bottle of wine at lunch and drinking on through. Thanks to her empathetic, effective approach positive and forward-looking versus negatively looking back, I achieved 100% of my goal to only drink whilst socialising. I’ve maintained this for several months. Emma was a joy to work with and I’m already recommending her to anyone I think will benefit from her positive influence. Thank you Emma.
Emma is a true wiz for helping you find inner peace, drive and habit busting. By having her by your side, over a period of time, things you thought were impossible still start to happen and you will feel like a better person.
Thank you, Emma. I’ve truly loved our sessions. I am walking straighter and feeling lighter. Your map of what’s happening in my brain is very useful and there’s no doubt that the hypnosis helps me a great deal. You’ve kept me on the straight and narrow and bad habits have gone. You’re such a special person and I’m lucky to have found you.
Emma really helped me to understand how I could focus my mind and recognise the thought processes driving a habit I was trying to control. Emma showed me how to replace negative emotions with positive ones, giving me tools which I can use to help me reach my goal of self control.