"Change your mindset, change your life"



Fears and phobias trigger an exaggerated fear response which can be debilitating, restricting one’s ability to live life to the full. The origin of these fears/phobias can be a blend of factors such as past traumatic experiences, learned behaviours from influential figures during childhood, or even certain personality traits. The subconscious mind, a reservoir of memories and emotions, holds the key to understanding the nature of these fears.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy offers an effective approach to addressing fears and phobias which can normally be cured in just four sessions. I will provide you with the tools to overcome your anxieties and regain control over your life. I will then guide you into a relaxed state that allows us to delve deep into your subconscious, exploring and addressing the fears that lie beneath the surface.

Using tried and tested techniques I can help with simple phobias, such as a fear of flying, rodents, spiders, buttons, heights and bridges, plus many more.  In addition, I can also treat more complex, deep-rooted phobias, such as needle/medical phobias or general anxiety-related phobias such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia and emetophobia.


I still can’t quite believe Emma cracked my 46 years phobia. I didn’t think it was possible but her calm and measured approach was amazing, as were the results. My family and I are still blown away by how effectively it’s worked.
Emma has been incredible helping me to overcome my fear of needles. She is kind, patient and understanding and she has helped me more than I thought possible. In four sessions I went from a total phobia of needles to being able to have a blood test calmly and confidently and even an epidural for my second labour/birth. Thank you, Emma, you are amazing!
I came to Emma after having failed my driving test 9 times due to the most extreme test anxiety. In our consultation I let her know that I had a 10th test booked just a week away, and in just that short time she has made an instrumental change to my life. She is kind and professional and made me feel totally at ease from the start. To be able to go from failing 9 times and hardly able to stand the thought of another test, to passing the test with flying colours in such a short time is truly incredible! I will be taking the skills she taught me into other areas of my life as well. I am very happy and thankful to have met Emma and will be recommending her to friends.
Emma has helped me get over vertigo. I was planning a trip that would involve a hike up a high cliff, something I would have been anxious that I might not be able to do because of my fear of heights. I decided to give hypnotherapy a go and have to confess to being pretty sceptical that it would work. However, I scooted up and down the stairs bolted to the rock without even a flutter of the heart rate and could look over the edge quite happily. I have also tried it out in a few other places, again absolutely fine. I am amazed and delighted! Thank you, Emma.
I came to see Emma as I had an extreme phobia of spiders. I was so pleased that, after our 4th session, I didn’t feel any panic at all when I saw a spider on me. Normally I would have freaked out but instead I even started playing with it!
Thanks so much for helping me overcome my fear of needles and blood tests. My latest blood test was a big success. The nurse drew 4 vials of blood and I was totally chilled. I even happily carried my blood next door to the pathology department.
Emma helped me so much with my phobia of being sick. Even if someone near me felt ill, I would panic. Now, after working with her, I can calmly comfort them. She was very easy to talk to and I always felt safe. I would highly recommend Emma.
I have been absolutely blown away by how much better I’ve felt after my sessions with Emma. I’ve achieved things so quickly that I never thought would be possible, just by changing my mindset, including overcoming my fear of driving on main roads and motorways. I feel empowered by Emma. She is such a lovely person and immediately puts you at ease. Emma has given me invaluable tools and techniques to help me change my life for the better. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
I was introduced to Emma by a friend to help me get ready for an operation which I was not particularly keen to have! She was and is a hugely calming influence and her techniques brought about real benefit to my state of mind and preparedness. A testament to her work was that I was almost disappointed when the op was cancelled at the last minute! Thank you Emma.
Emma was wonderful to work with. She is engaged, positive and proactive and I love her solution-focused approach to hypnotherapy. I noticed feeling lighter about my anxiety of public speaking from the first session and found myself generally in a more positive frame of mind from her coaching and hypnosis. I had four sessions with her and really noticed a shift in my negative patterns of thought. I’d highly recommend her.
I would like to really thank you for all the help, compassion and support you have given my son, whilst struggling with OCD and a fear of being sick. He has definitely benefitted from your sessions and made significant progress.