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Ace Your Exams: How Hypnotherapy Can Help Crush Stress

It’s that time of year again. With university finals, A levels, GCSEs and end of year school exams looming, many young people become increasingly overwhelmed. The pressure to perform can mess with sleep and even affect physical health. Hypnotherapy is emerging as a powerful tool in the battle against exam stress. Through its soothing techniques, […]

Facing Fears: How Hypnotherapy Can Help Overcome Phobias

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As the eerie whispers of Halloween draw near, the sight of creepy crawlies, particularly spiders, sends shivers down the spine of many. The presence of cobwebs in the corners of rooms and the thought of spiders lurking nearby is enough to make the skin crawl for those with Arachnophobia. Phobias, no matter how peculiar they […]

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

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When I tell people I’m a hypnotherapist, I am regularly asked, in a joking way, if I’m going to swing pendulums to magically make my clients ‘cluck like a chicken’ or do something embarrassing where they feel totally out of control. TV programmes and films have portrayed hypnosis as a form of disturbing mind control, […]

How To Break Addictions & Bad Habits With Hypnotherapy

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We all have habits that we’d like to control. This might be forgetting to turn the lights off, leaving a trail of clothes around the house or never putting the lid back on the toothpaste. Whilst these traits are not serious, some addictions and bad habits can have a dramatic impact on our daily lives. […]

The Benefits Of Online Therapy vs In Person

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When I first began working with clients online at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, I was dubious about how effective this would be as I love seeing people in person and, not being particularly tech savvy, I was worried about the IT element of working this way too. Although I had used WhatsApp for […]