"Change your mindset, change your life"


Emma has been transformative. I was looking to cut down my alcohol consumption - especially in the light of my imminent retirement, I didn’t want to find myself opening a bottle of wine at lunch and then drinking on through! Thanks to her sympathetic/empathetic approach, which is very positive and forward looking vs backward looking and negative, I achieved 100% of my goal: not to drink at home but only when out and socialising. I’ve maintained this for several months and cannot see myself reverting to my old ways of coming home and opening up a bottle of wine. Thank you Emma. You were a joy to work with and I’m already recommending you to anyone else who I think will benefit from your positive influence and effective approach.
I started seeing Emma following a diagnosis for breast cancer. Being claustrophobic, I was terrified of having an MRI scan and I was anxious about the treatment to come. During our very enjoyable sessions, Emma helped me to realise worries often don’t happen. She helped me to become much more positive. The trance at the end was blissfully relaxing and affirming; my dog Max even used to go to sleep! I listened to the recording at home as well, especially when I couldn’t sleep. Just hearing Emma’s voice relaxed me. I continued to see Emma throughout my treatment and I’m convinced my positive outlook aided my speedy recovery. Now I look for the positives and they’re always there. I feel so lucky. Thank you Emma.
Emma has been transformational. I started seeing her after the death of my very elderly mother and, having tried various other bereavement councillors rather unsuccessfully, was immediately attracted to her positivity. Her sleep aides are the best and her attitude is spot on. I loved our sessions and would go back to her anytime I felt overwhelmed with life in the future. I like particularly how she explains the different functions of the brain and the stress bucket. Thank you so much for helping me.
Emma has made an enormous difference to the way I think - and I feel so much better for my sessions with her. She has helped me to understand why I was thinking as I was - and more importantly to change my mindset and see things in a more positive light. With her help, I have learnt how to let go of certain habits and choose a new mindset. Furthermore - I’m sleeping better than I’ve ever slept - and I put that 100% down to Emma and the tools she gave me to turn my brain off at night. I would highly recommend Emma - she has a very calm and professional approach - and I benefitted enormously from the sessions I received. Thank you Emma!
I have had 5 hypnotherapy sessions with Emma and she has taught me how to enjoy each and every moment of every day and night. She explained how the 2 parts of my emotional brain work - the difference being in the Intellectual and the Primitive Mind. When the Primitive Brain takes over, my stress bucket fills up and I become unable to tell the difference between imagination and reality which leads to worry and anxiety. My sleep becomes affected and the negative brain dominates. She works with the here and now. Emma helps me to concentrate on the positive things in my life. When listening to her relaxation recording and during trance, she takes me to a perfect place, increasing the serotonin levels in my brain, building happy thoughts and removing negative ones. Emma's voice is soothing, calm, mellow and deliciously tranquil - trance-inducing. Falling asleep is easy and worries float away. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma and have no doubt of her success as a hypnotherapist. Hopefully, she will still have time to keep me topped up with happy thoughts should I need a booster. Thank you so much Emma.
I’ve had 7 sessions with Emma and, thanks to all her help, have achieved exactly what I set out to do. I’ve now got into a really good routine, I’m sleeping better, exercising more and feeling far more prepared for my upcoming interviews. As a result, I now feel relaxed and confident in my meetings. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and have learnt so much about the advantages of hypnotherapy and positive thinking. It has genuinely changed my outlook on life which is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and for all the inspirational sessions.
I still can't quite believe that you cracked my 46 years phobia! I didn't think it was possible and I was more than a little anxious about even starting the sessions but I needn't have worried as your calm and measured approach was amazing, as were the results. My family and I still can't believe it! Thank you so much.
I have been absolutely blown away by how much better I have felt after my sessions with Emma. She is such a lovely person and immediately puts you at ease. I have achieved things so quickly that I never thought would be possible, just by completely changing my mindset, including driving on motorways again after many years. I feel empowered by Emma; she has given me invaluable tools and techniques in which to change my life for the better. I can’t recommend Emma highly enough!
Having weekly sessions with Emma has completely changed my mindset into a positive and motivated one! I am now doing more than ever to take care of myself and seeing my friends again. I feel confident with the tools I now have to continue with this new way of thinking and dealing with everyday stress. I highly recommend Emma and the whole process.
I have been helped greatly by Emma over the past few months in respect of anxiety issues and weaning myself off very powerful and addictive anti-anxiety medication. Emma helped me think, act and behave more positively. Through the hypnosis, she also helped me get into better thinking and sleeping habits, both of which are critical in reducing stress. So in short, with Emma's help, my mental health has much improved and I can therefore recommend her services highly.
Working with Emma has had a tremendous impact on my mental health and my OCD. After trying several therapies over the years, Emma's treatment has been the only effective one, showing me how to use straightforward techniques to retrain my thinking patterns. Her sessions leave you relaxed & recharged, with successful, positive changes which almost seem to happen without you realising.
Emma helped me so much with my phobia of being sick. Even if someone near me felt ill I would panic, now after seeing her I can calmly comfort them. She was very easy to talk to and I always felt safe! I would highly recommend her.
The experience is surreal! I spent a couple hours over Zoom with Emma, and by the end, I just didn't smoke cigarettes anymore. Emma is absolutely lovely and I assume it's her nurturing vibe that made me so comfortable. I wish I tried this earlier.
Emma is simply brilliant. I received 3 sessions from Emma and I managed to quit a negative habit I've doing since I was 2yrs old. She's professional, smart and makes the process simple and enjoyable to be part of. I can't recommend Emma enough, I'm thrilled with the outcome and 110% satisfied with the results. Thank you.
When I first went to see Emma at the start of the year I was incredibly stressed, full of anxiety and very tired due to poor sleep. A friend recommended Emma to me and I could not be more thankful. Having spent many years seeing different therapists, not one has ever taught me how the brain works but I know now. Emma is so knowledgeable re the workings of the brain and explains in a clear and practical manner. It makes so much sense and I only wish I had known all this earlier in my life. My ability to get back to some sort of normal life this year would not have been possible without Emma's help and the trance. I am forever grateful.
Emma has made a big impact on my day to day life. The little changes I have made since having hypnotherapy with her have overall made me a happier individual and altered my outlook on life. Thank you Emma!
My weekly Hypnotherapy sessions with Emma have altered my attitude to life. Even through Zoom she gives off warmth, energy and encouragement. She has suggested I listen to the trance music while I am settling to sleep, which I have done. Despite having learned the anatomy and function of the brain and having had various therapies over the years, the techniques Emma uses have shifted a blockage. I feel happier, lighter and more able to cope with the difficulties which life throws at us. Thank you Emma.
As my son’s tennis coach, I want to thank you Emma for the work you’ve done with him. Since you came on board, there has been a massive change in Leonardo’s concentration, focus and self-belief. He has been so much more disciplined and has done exceptionally well since your intervention, with his best results to date. You have helped him with both his mindset and his tennis performance. The techniques you use help him feel happier and able to cope with difficult situations. He’s learnt new ways to reduce stress whilst maintaining a positive mindset. I have complete trust in your ability and the process. I would recommend you to anyone.
My eight sessions with Emma have helped me so much. She doesn't focus on the negatives but encourages me to only think of the positives. I was very sceptical for the first couple of sessions because it is different from previous hypnotherapy experiences, but for me Emma's sessions have worked really well. Bad habits have gone and I feel much more positive about life going forward.
Emma has helped me to see the positive aspects in my life. The Solution Focused technique is remarkable, but more important is Emma’s caring and professional approach. She explains everything so clearly and I feel like she has given me some invaluable tools and lessons in how to be the very best version of myself. Emma has walked along side me on my journey to feel happy in myself, how to be more mindful and to genuinely appreciate everything more. She has shown me that I really do hold all the answers myself and helped me access them in a way I never would have done without her guidance and knowledge. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
I was introduced to Emma by my wife who spoke highly of their sessions together. At the point I met her, I was struggling with high-stress levels and broken sleep. The combination of living through the pandemic and work-related stress had crept up on me. She helped me understand my underlying concerns and visualise the path to a clearer and more positive mindset. Emma is a great communicator. She is calm, upbeat and a pleasure to chat to. She is an incredibly good listener. Her ability to convey how the brain works really helped me understand how to change my mindset. Her sessions were really informative, but above all made a demonstrable difference to my sleepover the weeks she worked with me. I listened to her trance sessions every evening and within the space of a couple of weeks, I was sleeping deeply and avoiding waking during the night. I would highly recommend Emma and would advocate both the enjoyment of her sessions as well as the tangible outcomes.
I feel very lucky to have had some amazing sessions with Emma for my own benefit. She has a delightful way of making you reach a deep state of peace and relaxation. With her wonderful technique, I have been able to duplicate the process every time I want to feel relaxed and free from the stresses of juggling family and work life. Before bed I listen to her pre-recorded trance, which not only calms me down, but also helps me sleep very deeply. She has taught me to focus on all the positive things that I have achieved/done each week which has encouraged me to have a positive mindset and appreciate all the good things it’s so easy to overlook. I highly recommend that you see Emma, not only to accomplish a feeling of tranquility in her sessions, but to enjoy her beautifully professional and caring nature.
I booked an appointment with Emma for help to stop smoking. I had smoked for 27 years and had got to the point where I just didn't like the control I felt it had over me but didn’t feel that I had the willpower to give up. I am ecstatic to say that I am now a non-smoker and feel incredibly free from the attachment I once had. I highly recommend Emma. She made me feel at ease instantly. I had complete trust in Emma and the process and the best thing of all is that I feel like I have my life back.
Having a series of sessions with Emma has really helped me sleep better, relax and cope with the pressures of being at university during a very difficult year. I have learnt invaluable ways to reduce stress and maintain a positive mindset. Thank you!
I was struggling to enjoy competing at tennis because I was crippled by anxiety at letting team mates down but Emma has done wonders for my mindset and changed my attitude. I now feel much more relaxed and have rediscovered my joy when playing the game…finally! I was sceptical of the power of hypnotherapy but, after working with Emma, I am a total convert. She is kind, thoughtful and, not only is she good at her job, but she has a wonderful aura that makes you feel safe. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
I was introduced to Emma by a friend to help me get ready for an operation which I was not particularly keen to have! She was and is a hugely calming influence and her techniques brought about real benefit to my state of mind and preparedness. A testament to her work was that I was almost disappointed when the op was cancelled at the last minute! Thank you Emma.